DC (August 20,1962 / Elk Grove, California)

Time Of Deception

From the first world age is when war began.
Questioning of authority then handed to man.
To deceive him of self of who's in control.
As if he has power...he truely doesn't know.
But he thinks that he does of these tangible things.
Tangible of untangible of real and nothings.
As he walks with a talk that is full of almight.
Surreal of what's real through days and of nights.
In survival of life to extend in good health.
To be impowered over others in falseness of wealth.
The elusion of deception of authority does he play.
Of the wordly phasads and the games he displays.
Truely thinking he has authority...of what does he rule.
In the end be of death of a death of a fool.

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