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Time On My Shoulder
TB (25 Feb 1934 / Hronov Czechoslovakia)

Time On My Shoulder

Time sits on my shoulder

Time looks at me in the mirror
measures me as I walk

Time rides my breath
inhaling exhaling

Time condenses
with the early morning mist
swirling on the roadway
Time rises with the thermals
of heated air in the fields
flying to the setting sun
Time cycles the seasons
of the years' progression
From whence to when?

I see the faces of all the clocks
Second and minute hands circle
Numbers click and change
The spring uncoils
The pendulum swings
solemnly, steadily
Time ticks by

Time ticks by
in my pulse, in my heart
in my brain that ponders
What is Time?
How much time is left
to unravel
what Time is?

Time sits on my shoulder

The owl blinks,
time passes

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