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Time Out
GCM ( / Universal City, Texas)

Time Out

Poem By Gael C. Morris

This busy world in which we live,
Demands from us all that we can give.
Sometimes we feel like we could shout.
Slow down world, we need time out! Time to enjoy those daily things around us.
Like children's laughter, as they get off the school bus.
The first crocus or daffodil blooming in the snow.
Hoping that Winter will soon let go. Family gatherings for holidays, birthdays and such.
Most times when we made it we were in a big rush.
Our time spent together, seems shorter each year.
Each moment a precious gift, with those we love so dear. With all the hustle and bustle and traffic lights,
Getting from here to there is a really big fight.
By the time we get home we often say.
"I'm sorry, but I have had a very, hard day." Another day has come and gone.
I was too occupied to hear the redbird's song.
Or take time to see the flowers blooming all about.
So world, slow down, smell the roses and take time out!

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