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Time Pillow-Poem-Cauchy3
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Time Pillow-Poem-Cauchy3

Time pillow-poem.
Steal the funnels to love the May.
Nothings to notice are dessert mouths.
Bibles are church bicycles on hand.
Flat tyre is wheels to mount.

Escape goats hunt for weeds.
Hare years love to honeys.
Rasp berries are gods’ sweets.
Dukes’ liquors come to shops.

Balloon flowers are balloon feels.
Baby breathes wonder on sand.
Mormon moneys are love free.
Roots are quill leaves to add.

Evil pillows are gods’ gallows.
With teas pillows gods are rest.
The creative and control cycles are asked.
Dark cloudy loves are not sexes.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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