Time's Ticking

Tick Tock, Tick Tock
those are the only sounds I hear
and then the doctor comes out
and says that you don't have much longer.

And as I dropp to my knees
I pray to the lord above
for my one true love
to make it through.

The time is ticking
for me to tell you,
all my true feelings
why did I have to wait this long? ? ?

God must really love me
because he pulled you through and
everytime I look into your blue eyes
I remember what it was like to think I would never see them again.

The pain that I felt
knowing that every second
was precious in letting you know how I feel,
all comes rushing back to me.

Years from now, we will all look
back on your close brush with death
and thank God once more that
it wasn't your time to go.

by Dixon Irene

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