Time's Whispering Winds

From times ago, that have passed by,
Till times today and those to come;
Eternal whispers, in the wind,
Bring news, of ever lasting things.

Though breezes change from time to time.
The winds remain as in our minds,
Reminding us of times ago,
Of winds of new and those of old.

Yet, today, in today's time,
The whispering winds,
Breeze to remind,
That winds to come, may not be kind.

As leafs so tender in the trees,
The whispering voices we must see,
Or winds, will come to take us all,
And, just like leafs, we all shall fall!

Not to leave a leaf behind,
To feel the breeze, of passing times.
Then, whispering winds, will keep in mind,
The fallen leafs, that were mankind.

by Carlos C. Torres

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