Time Sacrificed With Motivation Kept

Choosing what one wishes to do,
Is at first ridiculed.
Especially if what is seen to be done,
Appears to be impossible.
To those declaring that.
Not to show support of course.
But to discourage independent acts.
With a voicing of negativity to keep one off track.

And when one begins to attract attention,
By those independent acts mentioned.
Others then wish to know how this was done,
When the one laughed at and ridiculed.
Succeeds with proof to silence everyone.

Although time sacrificed with motivation kept,
As one's device.
Were used as tools to keep one focused,
With a doing that refused the making of excuses.
Or hollow dreams of wishing to see a floating boat,
Arriving on the horizon with their name printed on it...
To widen the eyes of other folks.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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