EM ( / God's Industrial Earth.)

Time Screams

Time screams (it screams my name)
Moving drudgingly to the next day
No longer enacting her bitter effect
(time cannot spring from her darkest corner to light
reminding her faithfuls of what’s soon to come
I know she lurks)

Time cannot wait (so I do)
Waiting idly (for what?)
Never interrupted (what could?)
Moving swiftly (unlike time?)
Could be ending (time isn’t forever?)

Quiet perch (side by side)

Time frustrates (I no longer breath)
Silence holds promise
Time holds despair
I hold nothing
(I sloth. I envy. I pride. I glutton. I rage. I lust. I greed.
Stilly. Silently. Foolishly. Passively.)

It’s all a game.
No one wins.
Time screams (yes, it screams my name)

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