In a dream, I am where meadows are in bloom,
Where days are full of spring flowers
Nights are packed with incense burning tables
Where gentle breeze exhales his sweet breath,
Where silky girls with long necks are dancing in arms
Where women, brilliantly white with shinning skin,
Are weaving necklaces of narcissus flowers
Boys are wearing garlands of white violets
Tender girls, wearing royal and rich perfume
Are speaking honey-coloured words with sweet lips
All are happy, laughing and drinking
Singing, dancing, embracing and kissing
Where enemies are killed not by bombs but kisses
Here, everyone speaks sweetly, laughs attractively
With shinning faces and joyous hearts

Karyn Walker Brother Matloob,

Love conquers all is what you honestly express,
in lines that deserve the best and nothing less.
Wishing you happiness sweetness and a pen
that continues to compose with vigor and zest!
Reaching always from the North,
south, east, and west!
Sending all my love,
― Karishmananda

Michele Vizzotti-White Heavenly, thats cool that the boys r wearing flowers. I love the laughs attractively line... people w/ unattractive laughs bother me a little more then they should...well versed or should i say dreamed...
Connie Hofacker Hemmerich Senter You dream of peace, my dear friend...I too dream of peace. Beautiful poem, Matloob, thank you, for sharing....perhaps one day, our dreams will become reality. I pray it will be so, in our lifetimes.

Sandra Delussu where is this place, Matloob? ...it's worth a visit, isn't it?


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