MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Time Shifts

Heat is heavy with moisture
weighing down the grass,
the tendrils of my hair
wet and wayward from
restless fingers teasing
a sweat soaked scalp.
Moon shrinks from full,
so quickly losing ripeness
moving from mother
to crone in moments
it seems. So quick,
so quick the years flow
child on the beach,
woman dancing
then grieving for
the babe unborn
the lover lost
the subtle signs
that blur the eyes
and then the edges
of the body once so
crisp and clean and young.
Still strong, still vital, full
of all the needful things
with powers and persuasions
all unknown to youth.
Maiden, mother, crone
the trinity all women
house within.

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Comments (4)

this is such a lovely poem you should be very proud thank you
I too love the way you bring the moon into play. Comparing the phases of the moon to those phases of life made this a very effective write.
Love the moon imagery in this one, the maiden and the moon go hand in hand! And of course you knew that, how clever this is. Great imagery. HG: -) xx
Wow! I love your style and your name reflects it perfectly. Nice to meet your work. Smiling at you, fighting off the crone with all her might! lol Tai