Time That Is Taken To Waste

Immaturity seems to always find,
Someone unaccepting of its presence.
And to do it comfortably,
As if to victimize them publicly...
Around others who perceive,
Displaying inappropriate activities...
By one in a leadership position,
Is okay to excuse if one incompetent is liked.

If from everyone in attendence,
Has time that is taken to waste from them is done...
The doing is understood and should not be mentioned.

'I find what you do is not only disrespectful.
But also a poor judgement call.~

~I find 'you' rude and inconsiderate of my feelings.~

Now that your feelings are no longer part of the equation,
Maybe you can be more decisive...
With the proving you have leaderships skills,
Produced to be seen to enable them to be validated.'

~You are mean and vicious.~

'Waste five more minutes of my time,
And I will show you how I can forget...
A having of patience I once had to tolerate your nonsense.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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