Time (The Enemy)

Poem By Alfred Ramos

Time waits in the grass like a snake
Ready to strike whether you are asleep or awake
It wraps its arms around you till you choke
Laughs at you as if it was a joke
It waits for no one regardless of the sex
A ticking bomb not so complex
It’s older than a tyrannosaurus rex
And it will continue without us if anybody checks
Time shows no wrinkles or gray hair
But it’s a constraint without a prayer
You live by it, it’s an ongoing affair
If you don’t know where you’re going, it don’t care
Late or not it just rambles on
If you’re dead tired, it don’t even yawn
Time is like sand in your quivering hand
Slipping non chalant, not wishing to make a stand
If only we could have more time
We are but custodians of a victimless crime
We cannot catch up to the minutes lost
If time is money, what is the cost
Time doesn’t stand still for anyone
Not the moon and not the sun
You can call it what you want
But it turns its face from every taunt
So we should just let it be
But me, I’m out of time, Life’s final plea

Comments about Time (The Enemy)

Time never goes backwards.Nice one Alfred. Sid.
This is a fantastic poem Al, you've captured the inexorable flow of time so well. Cheers, Anita

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