Time The Healer

Poem By Sapna Goel

Is there a way?

to fix broken hearts,

repair trust,

relive dreams,

renew hope,

reaffirm faith,

replenish love,

retake decisions,

renew ties,

revive the passion..

reassess choices,

remake the rules,

re-believe promises,

review demands,

rediscover the joy,

forget accusations,

regain innocence,

re-keep secrets,

wipe the slate,

rewrite the story,

Re-choose friends,

resolve differences,

rescue relationships,

recover sanity,

rebuild foundations,

erase those memories,

forget the lies,

make hurts fade,

re-grow, relive, rewind life..

rejuvenate a broken soul

revitalize the mind
re-fix the spontaneity of that smile

Time is the only healer..
but how much does it take?

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