The love songs that you hear,
They are all fake,
It's cause we're lonely,
Life is boring,
So we go off and write poetry.
I should know,
And I do know!
Cause I am just a poet.
I tell stories and wish they were real,
But the world is way to cruel for that,
Nobody's got enough of a heart for that,
We all wish we did but we don't,
In fact we wish a lot and hope,
Hope for a better life,
Run away from the one that we have!
Pretend to be someone else,
Someone we're not,
We all do this a lot!
We think we're not enough,
We try to act big and tough,
But I look in the mirror and each time I find,
The reflection I see is no longer mine!
A 15 year old girl just drown in a lake,
Because she found out that her best friend was fake.
Is the world really a sphere,
Or is it a square?
If everything that's on it is,
Then maybe it itself is,
The Oceans and the lakes,
The land masses but WAIT!
Cause they're all fake!

by Tiernan Booth

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