Time Thoughts

T'was early in the morn, night was nearly done,
the day was being born, with the brand new sun,
nature would soon be awake, from its nightime sleep,
the first sound she would make, I heard a robin weep,
summer is all over, autumn has begun,
there is no more clover, soon winter makes it's run,
when nights are long and days are cold,
winds will sing their mournful song and we'll be brave and bold,
the snow will fall around us, oh so white and deep,
we know all below it, is frozen fast asleep,
then one day we feel it, the first springtime thaw,
flowers soon will open, the prettiest we ever saw,
now I end this little poem, of the year ahead,
the sun has set in the west, it is natures time for bed.

by Harry Bryant

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