Time To Bow Out.

When you come
And see the sun
Smiling from the horizon
Bares its teeth in its cakehole
To the world
When your sinews and tews
Are still strong
Work with the sun.

When it crawls
Up the sky and directly
Above your head it comes
Just rest awhile
And then
Take a hoe
Take a brush
Take a trowel
Take a net
Take a spanner
Take a bow and arrow
Take a gun
Take a piece of chalk
Or a marker and prove your worth
And make your
Country proud.

But as the sun goes down
And you continue to switch trades
Panicking and sweating
That the gllimmerings of ideas is fading
Your hair gray and bald
And the sun yellow
In the west at twilight
It is time
To bow out.

by Tony Adah

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