Time To Dress

A bra or a girdle
A corset or cinch
Panty hose or nylons
What to use, in a pinch

Leggings or hosiery
Tights or a skirt
Stilettos or pumps
But not in the dirt

Fishnets with a garter belt
A feather boa or a fichu
A merry widow or crinoline
Maybe a sari would do

Panties or not
A brassiere or bandeau
Chokers or weepers
I haven't a clue

Platforms or heels
A blouse with a mini
A camisole or chemise
I'd pick the bikini

A dress or a cat suit
With boots or some knickers
Jeans with a jumper
That would bring snickers

A poncho or scarf
A shawl with a tracksuit
A trainer with thongs
Oh what a hoot

And hats are so varied
So many to try
All of those choices
You just wanna cry

A Fedora or Garbo
A Panama or Derby
An Ascot or Tugue
A Coalman or Coolie

A Bonnet or Sombrero
Or a Glengarry, and a Beret
A Gaucho or Top Hat
Oh what do you say

And then it's those skirts
And kilts with a lock
A maxi, midi, or mini
Oh, who gives a frock

So much to choose from
To wear in one day
And that's why there is
So much delay
BOEMS by JA 171


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