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Time To Go Back To My Roots

There comes a time,
In everyone’s life,
When you feel
You have had enough.

Enough of the struggles
Enough of loneliness
Enough of the money
Enough of the stress.

Want to have some peace
Some quite
Without any worries
And any tension.

You want to lay your head
On your mothers lap
And dose off to sleep.
You want to talk to your father
Alone like a friend
You want to share a joke
With your little sister.

Just forget everything else
Play with your little nephew.
Take some time off
And reconsider the options.

I think, I have reached that stage
Five years of struggle, loneliness
I am longing for it to end
My family needs me,
to be with them.
To make up for the time lost, away.


by Vikram G. Aarella

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Vikram I wish you peace of spririt may you find what your heart and soul are longing for. But please do not abandon ph friend.