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Time To Go To Bed
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Time To Go To Bed

Tick-tock clock ticks, rebellious eyelids,
Riot as my heart beats, watch me as my body cheats-

Dream boat's got a hole, come back sailor,
Cut me a pretty dress and you can be my tailor.
Pluck me a pretty flower, tuck it in my hair,
Don't close your eyes yet, keep breathing air.
Illusive is the sea, but compulsive is your stare,
Come back sailor, come back here.

Peel open my eyes, please don't let me die,
Aye aye captain, I hear a lullaby.
Show me a blue sky and lend me wings to fly-
Bye bye captain, they sang the lullaby.
Bricks and walls and walls and bricks,
Lost my name in a game full of tricks,
Ice cold numb lips, motionless fingertips,
Tick-tock clock ticks, steady goes my eyelids.

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