Time To Grow Up

Poem By Moth Harris

Been staring down this path for so long
Never thought that growing up could feel so wrong
and I didn't even see
That this is what you need from me

So I may scream and I may cry
But baby just try to understand
This was nothing how I planned
but I'm doing this for you

So much time I've wasted before you came
And every story of love I've told is all the same
Except for the one about me and you
Maybe because this is the only one that's been true

Been staring down this path for so long
Never thought about walking down it for good
but I always knew that I would, just not now
but I'm doing this for you

So I may fight and I may hurt
But it's only worth what it's worth
and baby you're worth it to me
Because you're the only thing I see

When I close my eyes because I'm afraid
For all that time I wish you would've stayed
Never thought it would be time to grow
I just hope you know
I'm doing this for you

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