Time To Make Excuses

There will be times very few will remember,
To admit to themselves to say...
Those things done with a promise to do,
To persist with wishes in attempts to pursue...
Gave them less time given to sit,
To drift away everyday.
While thinking of that which could be accomplished.
As those times reminisced,
Slipped through their fingertips.

And there will be those overdosed with delusions,
Finding with it found...
Time to make excuses with no reluctance,
That the doing of this is as they chose and wished...
Just to validate alibis they seriously approved.

'It's my job that prevents unscheduled moves.
It's my spouse, my kids and bills I pay too.
With a wish I please them with 'their' wants and needs.
That's why my hands feel tied and I am down on my knees.
I wish I DID have my own life to live.
While others seem to have this time to give.'

I'm just driving by you want a ride?
I have a few minutes to talk.
You don't have to walk.~

I know that.
That's why I've chosen to do it.
Even with aches and pains to remind me,
I could 'if' I wanted to...
Feel them anytime I choose.
I'm not prepared to hear or listen any blues.

That's up to you.
I wish I had that time to use.
To do what I wanted with a doing to choose.~
You're lucky.~

And all this time I thought of it as initiative.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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