~*time To Open My Heart Again..

Sun falls outta my sky..
as she falls asleep into the night..
Stars appear outta nowhere..
twinkling everywhere I seem to look..
The moon shining at me..
as if its telling me..
She is the one you should open your heart to..
and try and try to love again..

Orange purple clouds..
fills my evening sky..
I wanna hold your hand till the morning sunrise..
I must've missed your voice a thousand times..

Night, I stay wide awake thinkin of you today..
till I slowly drift off to sleep..
in a place where I find my peace.

I wake up with a smile knowing that you'd be calling me soon..
Hearing your voice.. takes me miles high..
not needing to force.. this comes outta my mind..
'I love you'
first thing I wanna say.. yet I wait.. till the very end to tell you..

Its time to open my heart again...

by Dislocated Heart

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