- Silent Niqhts

Silent niqhts, alone she cries.
You would never know if you looked in her eyes.
Dreadful thoughts she thinks to herself, her lovers are gone she has nothinq else
She turns to women who doesn’t know her but deals with her because it’s her grandmother
She gives her all to ones’, who don't care,
She hides her feelings from those who've been there
Her best friend is gone but soon to return
And it’s a shame she can't talk to no one, not even her.
Folks give her advice, but they don't understand
They didn't see the man and lady, who made Angela,
Who once held her hand.
Angels once were here, killed by the evil the world made
They say life is hard.
So dying is easy.
I quess it’s a world trade.
She misses their love, her talks and his walks.
She can live without them,
..At least that’s what she thought.
Now life’s really going crazy,
Because how can it be,
That a man who doesn't know her tells her she has a high depression and a D D.
Now she’s popping pills like an addict,
& everthinq is vanishinq riqht before her eyes.
She's tired of missing them, and done with crying,
She’s starting over.
No Pain, this time. This life she's retiring.

by Angela Leeper

Comments (10)

Yet change is inevitable. Of course change is the only permanent or constant thing in life. It has to be accepted the way it comes. Good piece. Sylva-Onyema Uba
Excellent piece. congratulations
Well done, good poet. Congratulations on Poem of the Day. A deserving one at that. Much to contemplate here at the turning of the calendar. Well-written and provocative. Bravo!
Years will come and go like this..A wonderful poem.
Just life's chains! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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