Time To Share

Once we are saved and truly Born-Again,
The question may be, is what to do then?

With a heart filled with love and lead by The Spirit,
We share the Good News with all who will hear it.

The Good News to share is the Gift of Salvation,
To be shared with every tribe, tongue, and nation.

This Gift we receive, is truly one of a kind,
It is the only Gift that opens the eyes of the blind.

Yes, those who were blind and once trapped in religion,
Heard the Good News and made a life changing decision.

The decision that they made gave them a New Birth,
A Miraculous one that comes from no place on earth.

This New Birth comes from our dear Lord, in heaven above,
And once we are born-again, we are filled with His Love.

His Love fills you with a desire to share this Good News,
And understanding the times, there's not a moment to lose.

This Gift is by Grace alone and found through only One,
Through our Great Lord and Redeemer, God's only Son.

Time is very short and tomorrow may never be,
So today is the day in which to help blind men see.

(Copyright © 08/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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