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Rat, O Rat ...
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Rat, O Rat ...

Poem By Christopher Logue

It seems to me necessities
grow more expensive day by day
and at the same time luxuries
cost less than what we used to pay.

The values which we hold today
are not the ones our parents knew
It seems somehow we’ve lost our way.
I am convinced that this is true.

If you can’t pay you should not buy
For credit can put up the price
The crafty merchants have to try
to pay for when they advertise.

The goods for sale we do not need.
So they increase the price of food
Pursuit of profits is their creed.
Yet still they cry misunderstood.

Perhaps its time to call a halt
and force the merchants to review
A system very much at fault
I am afraid unless we do.

Well starve to death in luxury
because we cant afford to eat.
This is not how things ought to be.
I can do nothing but repeat

It seems to me necessities
grow more expensive day by day
and that unneeded luxuries
cost less that what we used to pay.

I find it hard to understand
why we must pay more for our food.
The laws of supply and demand
unless I have misunderstood.

Say necessities should cost less
Than luxuries we do not need
and only purchase to impress.
The merchants know we have to feed.

They do not need to advertise
the foodstuffs which they know we need
but constantly increase the price.
To satisfy their endless greed.

We only have ourselves to blame.
Our apathetic attitude
ensures that we can’t win
Though I am certain that we could

We have the power we could use
to bring the merchants in to line.
If we don’t buy, point blank refuse
except on terms which we define.

They’ll very quickly change their tune
they have to sell
But we wont win if we don’t try
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Comments (2)

Not a truer word spoken! Yet we think that we are poverty stricken when we can't afford the luxury items - food is just taken for granted. Tell that to the third world. Another excellent thought provoker so cleverly constructed. Mark
How very true Ivor - and you put the case strongly, which is needed - nicely rhymed and points made logically - good write..... thank you and 10 from Fay....