Time To Them Given

Time has a way of revealing to everyone,
What it is they have done with their time...
To them given.
Some have had their deeds to do documented.
And without stopping to recapture flashbacks.
Or an allowing of a practice to rehearse,
That which has gone to correct or redo the past.
No time to live to have can be rescheduled.
Even if one is laid up sick that clock still ticks.

And there is absolutely no one living who can say,
To make those listening convinced...
Each minute of an hour of everyday they spent,
There was no time for them to use to do...
What they really wanted to.
But with time found many choose to make excuses.
To believe denials and alibis kept to deceive,
Is all that they will ever need to prove to others...
Just how busy they have been defending themselves.

'Let's see.
You did have time to pass judgement.
You did have time to criticize efforts made by others.
You did have time for gossip with 'friends' to spread.
You did have time to whine, blame and complain.
But you could not find time like some have done,
To remove from themselves obstacles and setbacks?
Or healing from relationships while enduring it to do,
Through vicious personal attacks to recover.
Nor did you have the time to re-examine your wishes,
Desires and dreams.
Yet you want it to be believed,
The time you have been given has been unlucky? '

I hadn't thought of it that way.
And I appreciate your perspective.
No wonder I have had no time for myself.
I have lived so unselfishly.
And too giving of my time to others.
Donating it willingly.
Does that make me some kind of a...
Philanthropist? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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