'Time To Think'

Time to think we all need
a word of sympathy is nice to read.
To know we're not alone with our pain
to be assured we will feel good again.

Times gone by the hurt is deep
trying to remember that love isnt cheap
Just to be held and made to feel whole
the price we pay to achieve that goal.

Some times feeling sad and blue
is part fo life this is so true
If some makes you happy and smile
its an upward lift along the mile.

He was there, he was that man
trying to help all he can
He went away and left me alone
not even being able to talk on the phone.

My thoughts are with those who tried so hard
to make me understand and dropp my guard
Maybe one day someone will make me see
that someone cares & loves me for me.

We all need that someone special to be there
to lend a hand and show they really care.
To be there when you laugh or cry
or to understand when you question why.

I am here for you my friends
until such time as the world ends
No promises will I try to give you
Just remember your value when your
feeling blue.


by Chris Boyles

Comments (1)

You've done it again chris. yet another poem that makes me think you've read my mind. i love it.