Time To Unite (For Your Name's Sake)

Days have passed and I have heard
Things unpleasant, things absurd.
At first I couldn't tolerate what they say,
But I can't anymore do it my way.

I need to explain all that I know
So this mess wouldn't grow.
Continually, I hear the same remarks,
And I feel like I'm feasted upon seven sharks.

I need to let you know what's going on
And what you should do to keep going strong.
'Cause as your father, I feel the pain
When they look at you with such disdain.

But, hey, as far as I can see,
You are these people who are filled with glee.
No, it can't be, they're also correct,
You treat others with no respect.

I can't tell them, 'Yes, I agree with you',
But I can't be your fearless knight 'till this war is through.
I ran out of reasons and sweet talks to tell
Those people who think you are from hell.

I'm telling you now, it's time to unite
And for your name's sake, prove that you're right.
I just don't wanna let you feel their wrath
That will make suffering your aftermath.

by emmanuelle sanders

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