Time Too Soon

And again the moments drive behind us never to return
We pick up the page of today to write a past for our future to read
I use to be the picture of an innocent child
But the tales of life had robbed me of my ignorance
The path of age had filled my books with the dust of experience
I wake up each day to see how time flies
Wishing this very one could tell a lie
Upon the wall I set its race
To defer a while the pursuit of the day
To tick and jiggle in sight of an obvious truth.
Tell me we're not this old to grow young again
Yet the honest lairs could not say this one
The scenes of life has kept an oath
A faithful ally is it to the course of time
Though life be too soon, we have to face it now
Let friends watch if you must hurry home
Leave not behind the candles of affinity
Burning out its light in the wings of its flames
For in the dark is no friend but the muttering of foes
Leave behind a name in my stories of fame
Run as fast as to keep your torch to light
Lest you loose it all to the snare of the night
See the signs of the sky and discern
Oh! Listen to the songs of nature and be mine
Check my sister's bracelet perhaps it says the time
This one have I set forward faster than you know
But I watch how it goes later than I wish
Can't bear to see our hope drown with the setting sun
Oh, let's make our date soon with life
In time and in season let's see it through.
Come oh come now!
Come and read my lovers creed
And expose the ignorance of a deceptive heart
Come and take knowledge of my diary indited with a royal ink
Oh see my journal and let it be for the sanctity of the priest
Come write your name on the roll of the chronicles
Be my guest on the pages of the sage
Oni is my name and you are my special friend.

by Oni Omotayo

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