Time Travel

Riding on the wings of my memory
Propelled by my desire to connect
To capture the past in my own lenses
To tell the story of my forefathers
And witness the epic journey of my tribe
Through the passing eyes of time
I shall follow the light in my memory’s eye
I shall awaken the smell of my father’s shadow
Opening the gateway to a memorable past
I shall shout from the mountaintop
Inviting my sleeping ancestors
To an epic journey across the vast ocean of time
Back to the beginning of time
Tracing my ancestors’ footprints
Through the muddy waters of Gondwanaland
And the slopes of ancient volcanoes
The prehistoric beasts shall not stop me
Nor the burden of time on my back
I shall find the slit in which time first emerged
I shall find the womb where time was conceived

by Kenneth Maswabi

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