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Time Travel Is Not For Everyone
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Time Travel Is Not For Everyone

Poem By George Hinshaw

Speaking to the Institute,
John O'Modem, chronophysics engineer, observed:
"Time travel is not easy; there are many variables:
"Possible machine malfunctions,
Synchronization problems,
Unexpected changes in climate."
Vis-vis his latest trip, he cited the time when
The Earth rotation axis heeled over
To the plane of its orbit,
Throwing his team backward with a jolt.
They were stuck in the Mesozoic Age for 12 hours (days? years?).
He tried to read the Record of the Rocks,
But some of the pages were mutilated, or missing.
"The experience was segmented, oblique, confusing," he said.
"The 20th century seems more compatible
And less exhausting."
But then he gave a sigh.

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