Time Traveller

I never knew how far i could go..

Till i seen the road behind me.

Journeys that stretched from there to here.

Different paths but from the same beginings,

Just a glimps of the past and a light on the future.

Choices given and dicissions made.

Take my hand and join me on my journey

I know the future is now and here.

Hope your ready for a long ride,

May be rough may be bumpy, but always now.

Take a chance and let your self go.

Hights are on my horizon, come along with me.

Grab the feeling and lets set sail.

Cross roads will be the challenge to face.

I see ahead of me clear as i can understand.

Wisdom i search for around every curve and turn.

Let the wind determine our direction always at our back.

Forwards towards the sun shinning in our face.

Rain and sleet another mountain to over come.

Always bringing adventure and another road.

Come with me and begin our future, see the road ahead.

Look as far as you can see and tell me what you see.

Long roads ahead, alot of sights to take in.

Do it, do it now while your wondering don't wait until you know.

Release the wonder in yourself and feel free.

Lets be like the air around us and spread our selves all over.

With a love of life and forever searching for excitment.

Lets leave the road behind us far in our past and the road ahead our future.

by Elizabeth Hathaway

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