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Time Turned Into Something
(March 8,1988 / Evanston, Illinos)

Time Turned Into Something

Poem By Dawson Walter Smith

Rhtythm can't find its arrival,
Into a less forgiving realm.
Never worried about survival,
When it would only overhwlem.

For light allows each eye,
To work the way it was made.
Sun casts down from the sky,
Giving ability to cherish shade.

When heat was too much,
For the well being of a soul.
Couldn't even feel the touch,
When life has taken its toll.

As a way for age to come,
In years of preperation.
Knowledge known only to some,
Without even an explanation.

To how this place was created,
From the depths of nothing.
And while life was perpetuated,
Time turned into something.

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