MS (9th December Nineteen Fifty / Tiglin, Wicklow, Ireland)

Time Was An Orange

Time was an orange
in a stocking was a treat.
Or maybe a banana.
Now it’s Star Fruits, Uglies
and Prickly Pears flown
round the world for dinner parties.
Hand picked gently by Josef
who has no shoes.
“No we can’t serve those again,
everybody has them.
We need the Jum Jum Fruit
grown only on the
western slopes of Kilimanjaro.
They’ll be a wow! ”
Like the fruit
we’ve come a long way.
Yet not far enough to know
the worth of an orange
in a hand knitted stocking.
But we’ll learn.

Martin Swords

A sad reflection on the Celtic Tiger period in Ireland and elsewhere.
Maybe soon we'll be glad to have that Orange. Must start knitting
some stockings.

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Comments (5)

Absolutely spot on satire re. consumerism, it's elitist pre-disposition for ugly 'first there' self satisfaction Haven't read better on the subject....thanks.
At a time when luxuries have turned into necessities, your tightly scripted and well chosen words touch an appealing ethical note. Irony crafted with skill. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Time is an orange and you have pinpointed the fripperies of fashion and populisim. A grand introspective piece. Long live traditions... Rgds, Ivan
I love the metaphor and the thought skilfully conveyed in this poem Martin
Hi Martin. How times have changed. I can remember being happy with an orange in a stocking. well done thanks for the memories. Regards Dave T. **10**