Time Will Reveal

I walk over waters,
keeping my fingers crossed.
Will I drown here in the middle of the ocean,
or will I be able to cross the other end?

Sometimes my feet tremble,
sometimes my body shakes.
It’s nice to close my eyes for some time,
And feel freest that I can be,
freest that I want to be.

Am I sure of what I feel,
or just carried away by dreams,
fantasies and whims?

I do not want to think too much,
’cause I do not want to prolong the agony.
I do not want to say yes now,
’cause I am afraid that eventually it might end.
I want to forget everything, yet I want to keep everything, too.
I want to be extra careful, ’cause I do not want to get hurt again.

But time, time will reveal,
if he’s meant for me
and I for him.

Yet I wonder if people do make wrong decisions,
I wonder, even though how hard they try.
Or if sometimes efforts do not suffice,
versus forgetting idealistic standards.

But what makes me happy now
is the hope,
that at the end of the day,
my heart will end up with its pair.
I am happy, he is happy,
anyhow would the world revolve.
We have each other and would never part,
’cause we share the greatest magic in the world called love.

by Esmeralda Balita

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