Time, Work And Distance

Poem By Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

There is no time to waste one's time.
Work is hard, work is life,
time dictates work-
if time is wasted, work becomes futile:
so work shall be done in time.
Work determines distance-
one leaves one's home for one's work place
and settles there permanently.
The trio force one to forget relationship.

I am also the slave of time, work and distance
but my heart is not their pet-
it rises high to catch the electromagnetic waves,
emitted from the eternal care of my parents.

Comments about Time, Work And Distance

Like Vee squared equals you squared plus two A A basic equation on speed velocity and acceleration could be a nice poem.
Lovely. Umm..you must have an engineering background to fuse these engineering concepts into your poem. Time space velocity and electromagnetic waves.

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