Quit worrying about time
Your life you have to live
Once its here its here
There’s no other way to get around it
You can’t hide from it
Like we’ve all tried to do
You can’t preserve it
Like historians try to do
You can only
Cherish it
Love it
And like they say
Live it to the fullest
Focus on the positive
Do want you wanna do
Have a great life
What’s time?
We really shouldn’t have a clue
Time is timeless it self
Think about it for a sec…..
Who wants to wait and wait until there OLDER
To live life for themselves
I don’t and neither should you
Enjoy what you think is fun
Don’t about worry what they think
You have no “time” for that
No “time” to wait cause tomorrows not promise
So have a great “time” is what they say
But have a great life while you’re living today


by Treicey Nelson

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