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HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)


Poem By Helgard du Preez

You know, when I miss you so much
I gently squint my eyes, tardily it will deepen into an elated eventide
My inner being weiglessly floats towards the upper pinnacle
Drifting into no-man's-land
Here I discovered: no bugaboos, no dwelling, and my inner piece
The further I depart, the more enigmas’ seems to melt away
Gravity's trying to reel me in, but ’I'm steering this ship now
No atmosphere shall be 'my fortress
It's a whole new world out here
It's the biggest audience 'I have ever seen
Look! there's Jupiter, there's mars
The sun, the moon, even the stars
Wait a second; the moon's not made of cheese
Hey! what's that? ? I don't believe
It's Neil, he's waving
What's ‘he doing there?
Well, never mind, friendly fellow though
Sometimes my mind gets victimized by deceit; this place is powerful, fear? ?
I'm free, I'm truly free, and no one can trammel me now
Time is not the issue here; the real world is light years away
Beep - Beep
My watch, oh poop, I'm late for work! !

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