Timeless Endless Love

He awoke to find she wasn't there
The bed so empty cold and bare
Where could she be he loved her so
Out side was cold with falling snow
He covered up put on his boots
Out to the meadow where the night owl hoots
She'd wandered off so many times
In spring she sat there writing rhymes
In the summer she'd spend the night
Making all the garden bright
In autumn she would sit and stare
At the stars in the cool night air
Now there she was with her jim jams on
Putting her snowman's buttons on
He watched as he had many times before
Then walked her back to the kitchen door
He held her tight to warm her through
He wondered what he should do
For now he was also old and frail
They'd lived the lives in a fairy tail
So he held her tight and kissed her lips
Squeezed her gently on the hips
And then together they slipped away
To live in a land so far away


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