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~timeline Of Pain~

The baby girl was born.
The family was torn.

Three kids already there.
With parents that didn't care.

Do with her what you will...
She'll always love you still.

Abuse the trust she'll give.
She'll never want to live.

Cops are called again.
No ones ever gonna win.

They pray that one will die.
Just no energy to try.

Parents need to split...
she quietly watches it.

No one wants the kid.
No wonder that she hid.

You take her, it's your turn.
What is it that she'll learn?

To never have their love...
so hard to rise above.

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How true! Been in houses time and time again where I see this...dealt with many kids who I wish I could just hug, and make their life complete. The trick is to do the job, without losing the empathy along the way. Wonderful poem Mary...Thank you! Dee