AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Times Change

As you get on in years, many thiungs,
that seemed important when you were
younger, no longer are! You have a
completely different prospective on life
and you don't want, to look ahead, that
far! Everyday, is more precious, than the
previous one and you look forward to the
simple things, you're able to do. You
savior every moment, whatever is allotted
and try to look forward, to them too! Times,
of course have changed and in some ways,
we went along as best we could. If we
hadn't, it wouldn't have done us, any good.
Looking back, not everything was bad. We
have to admit, there were also wonderful
times, we had! Now, we'll just go along and
enjoy the things we can and try our best, with
what we have and take it, a little slow. It's the
best creed to live by and the most sensible,
way, I know!

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