Times Ending...

Times have come to a end,
And now a hole is passed by the wind,
Which once once filled with love and joy,
But can only be used now as a toy,
I never knew love would hurt this much,
And that i could even feel such,
Such pain that weakens my body,
And all you can act is naughty,
You go behind my back at night,
And lie so I have to believe but not by sight,
You used to tell me you loved me all the time,
But now its different and i only get one when you mime,
And you tell me you don't want to make me sad,
but go off and hurt my heart with things you know will hurt me bad,
I dreamed of you last night,
Being alone and this very bright light,
Cutting away for all the pain i've suffered,
And then trying to hide them buffering,
buffering your scars that fill your skin,
And you wonder why you can never win,
Maybe its because theres someone else in my life that treats me right,
She shows me she loves me and she never fights,
It still won't ever be the same without you,
But if you can't stop to think why i feel so blue,
! nd change and give me all that you can,
Than there will never be us women and man,
For you give it all away to the person you hate most,
but if thats what you want then thats what you post,
I'll always give into you so heres your chance,
And maybe the last chance i'll ever give for romance,
The choice is up to you,
And the choice is what you'll do.

by david winkler

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