Times Have Changed

You moronic imbecile.
What makes you think,
Your insignificance deserves attention?
You are nothing but a worthless piece of manure.

'Excuse me?
The only fool I see here is you!
I have much more respect in one finger...
Than you have in your...entire...
What are you doing? '

~I'm trying to hush you up!
He's not talking to you.
Times have changed!
He's yelling at that 'other' senator,
Across the street.
The one giving him the 'finger'.~

'I thought you said,
We 'might' run into bigots...
When we visited D.C.'

~I did!
But they are fighting amongst themselves now.
Ignore them.

I thought you wanted to go to the Smithsonian?
They're coming out of the Capitol into the streets,
To display their dirty laundry.

After we check out the Smithsonian,
Let's see some of the other monuments...
Before we split from these conflicts here.~

'Yeah. Yeah...okay...sure.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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