MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Times Of Tribulation

Beware believers in the west
God’s servants in the east
Who drink The Truth at Jesus breast
Fail not the wedding feast

The day will dawn will soon be here
When hearts are plagued with lies
When many saved will live in fear
As those deceived will rise

Before the dreadful times begin
And tribulation starts
We need to turn away from sin
And love with faithful hearts

Kings and governments will succumb
Darkness will raise its head
They’ll bind the church to strike her dumb
And steal her Children’s bread

Believing Heaven nullified
And Christ was only man
Religions will be unified
Beneath the rule of man

Death’s evil fingers long and cold
Seeking their master’s prey
Will reach not few remaining bold
Even by light of day

Whilst shadows dance and darkness sings
Many their lives to save
Will then renounce The King of kings
And flee a while the grave

Stand true though soldiers of the cross
Even as loved ones die
Throughout the pain this dreadful loss
Raise Jesus’ standard high

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Trust when pure is love sublime And act of faith supreme trust in God with pure heart will make our soul sublime, devotional one, liked reading it.