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Times When I Smile
SO (USA / )

Times When I Smile

You may not even know me,
Or know what I mean,
Understand my world,
Or hear me when I scream.

You may not ever see me,
Or ever touch my mind,
Because all that is real
Are only dreams in time.

Don't try to fit me in
To your ridged mold,
All the world is free,
At least, thats what I'm told.

So please, don't scream and worry
Or cry for me at night.
No matter how I'm different,
I will win my fight.

I will be the victor
Of all my many trials,
Because all that's real are dreams,
And times when I smile.

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Comments (6)

Awesome, Sandra Theodora
If I dont comment soon my computer will disconnect...... this is more than inspiring its got life in it its just more than I can comment on its wonderful pardon my spelling thanks for what you've put in words Cliff em em em em
Your poem sounds very inspiring to me. I really enjoyed reading it. With Respect, Jodilee
Lovely. I really liked this poem. Keep up the good work Sandra.
What a great little poem sandra very positive, so in control master of all i'm told made me feel good With a warmth allan
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