JB (Aug.04,1988 / Nassau Bay, TX)


Imagine going black,
Imagine absolute silence.
No thoughts, no movements
Stuck in a world of blank.

I would go mad, knowing
That i would never touch again
Smell in richness, and feel the soft
No sight of the wonderous colors i love

Facing death is hard like being slapped,
Reality is cruel, you start to miss things that
Haven't even left, worry fills your small mind
erasing any peaceful thoughts or memories

Knowing your going to die before it actually happens
Is painful. Hurt covers your body in blankets, tighting their hold
Endless crying, your cheeks are never dry.
It is true i have a fear of death, but it is more so

To due with not existing. Being left empty and thrown away.
To not touch! To not smell! To not hear! The silence and darkness
Is already overwhemling my mind! To be souless and feel nothing but
wretching cold, to freeze inside yourself, then lose yourself completly

Death! Oh why, some believe in heaven but how can i be sure
I am afraid! Of the pain, of the gray like turning out the lights
without ever turing them back on. It is frighting, and here listening to my words, i start to miss light and colors and appreicate everything.

by Alice Kwan

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