Timmy The Mole

Timmy the mole dug a hole
to keep his family in.
One rainy day water entered the passage way
and his family had to run or swim.

As fast as they ran the water began,
to touch the last mole's tail.
"You must try to run faster to avoid a disaster, "
said Timmy, as their escape seemed certain to fail.

The moles ran up a slope, which gave them some hope,
but the chasing water didn't slow down.
They came to a dead end and could no longer ascend,
and it looked as though they would all drown.

Timmy frantically dug away, on this wet gloomy day,
as they tried desperately to get above ground.
They saw light above and kissed each other with love,
and escaped from being drowned.

by Orlando Belo

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