Tiny Little Tear Drops

As tiny little tear drops
fall from my brown eyes,
I remember you

I remember how it felt to look
straight into your eyes

I remember how it felt to
feel safe and secure with
in your gentle arms

I remember how it felt to have
your kisses fall upon my
supple lips

or how it felt to tease you lovingly
by teasing your bottom lip

I remember how ever touch
rocked me to my core
always leaving me fulfilled
but yet always wanting more

I remember how it felt
to have you hold me close
and whisper in my ear

I remember all the things we shared
as we talked about life and

I remember ooh so many things
they were blessings from above

Now with every little tear drop
I remember how it ended
it cuts me like a spear

I remember how I thought life
Surly can be unfair!

Now we passed Us by

I think of you so often
and wonder how you are

I wonder if you are happy
Do you ever think of me

Do you even remember happy times
and how things used to be

Although we had to choose
to leave each other behind

It does not erase the fact
that you were part of me

If you have a moment look inside your
heart IM sure you will find a part of

I left it there for you
so you would always know
my love for you was true

by Ruth warren

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