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Tiny Speck
JP (Scratches on the page, making noise. / New York City)

Tiny Speck

Reposed upon a place, contemplating the infinity, within and without.Abounding wonders vibrate cosmic perspective.
Size, who am I? A speck in GODS infinite magnitude. Like an amoeba suspended in an ocean. Only my self vanity, makes illusions of my self contemplations. Self deceiving grandeur, inflates my size. Pompous utterances, out of frustration, for poise.

Like a grain of sand encompassing all shores. Swept away into the ocean universe. Yet, my place and perspective in unlimited infinity.
Earth and gravity give repose, supporting this vessel of GODS creation. Death to unleash the inner soul. Liberation to wallow in suspension, throughout eternity.

5/16/09 POEWHIT


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