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Tiny Star

Lay back and look up at the stars..
Some so near, some so far.. Twinkle
twinkle, tiny star, I'll let you
lift me up to where you are..
Leave my mind and body go.. Let
you whisper all you know.. Show me
all the beauty, you have to show..
Let you navigate my way, as through
the sea of stars I stray.. Drifting
high and farther out, as you carry
me about.. Reach out and touch the
moon.. Don't bring me back to soon..
Not until the light begins to streak
the starlit skies.. Not until you set
me down, to shut your eyes... But,
until then tiny star, can I just hang
out up here, where you are... And
troubles seem so far! .. When sailing
through a galaxy of, stars...

by Rebecca Navarre

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Thank You! ! ! Feipeng, For Such A Beautifully Kind Reply! ! ! ! ! And Likewise... :) Ever So Beautifully Your Poetry Flows! ! ! ! ! With Beautiful Paintings That Touch The Soul! ! ! ! ! Thank You Again Ever So Much! ! ! ! ! Ever So Many Blessings! ! ! ! ! And Smiles! ! ! ! !
Think your star Will be happy Wherever you are......joyful to read